Women Exceed

Learning and networking to help women-owned businesses exceed their expectations.

In today’s world, the necessity of a dual income household has become prevalent across the community. The women in our community are blessed with many talents, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for their work. Yet sometimes, some extra guidance is needed to take their business to the next level. That’s where Women Exceed comes in…

For each of its clients, Women Exceed establishes a team comprised of successful & seasoned women to provide guidance, planning, advice, and inspiration. The team is focused on assisting the client to grow her business organically and carefully, at a pace that she is comfortable with.

Now more accessible to our community women, Women Exceed is located at The Well – 333 Avenue S (corner of McDonald Ave) by appointment only.

If you’re interested in connecting with Women Exceed, click the button below to contact us. We will evaluate your business and match you with a team of experts who are here to help.