Get Advice

Get Advice

Exceed Network functions as a support center for business owners, providing advice to help them address problems and link them to appropriate parties and resources.

Our volunteer base of industry experts offers strategic guidance to start-up, growth, and distressed companies.  We develop an individualized plan to address your needs and meet your goals. Expertise is offered in all facets of business:

• Branding

• Logistics

• Sales

• E-commerce

• Marketing

• Sourcing

• Finance

• Operations

• Social Networking

And Across All Industries:

• Culinary

• Health Care

• Service

• E-commerce

• Real Estate 


• Education

• Retail 

• Wholesale 

How to Get Advice

To apply for business advice for your organization, follow these steps:

  1. Complete an application.
  2. Meet with our Executive Director to develop a personalized plan. 
  3. Help us get a complete picture of your business by providing your business plan and/or relevant financial information. Click Here for examples of what to bring.

  4. Execute your action plan
  5. Your business is unique; your support system should be too.  Your plan may include:

    Document preparation: Access resources for developing your business plan and financials

    Team Meetings: Meet with 2 or 3 volunteers with relevant industry and management experience to strategize options and implement your objectives.

    Think Tank: Join brainstorming and networking sessions with other business owners.

If you have any questions, email: